e-resource of the week: WestlawUK

About WestlawWhere were you during the recent London riots?

The London riots and those further afield continue to make headlines as the judicial process takes its course. Perhaps your interest been sparked as to the legalities of these proceedings? Or indeed, perhaps you have a legal case to make on behalf of yourself or others?

Whether you are a legal professional, bemused or curious observer, involved in a case or simply want to clarify whether what occurred constituted a riot, a rout or unlawful assembly, the WestlawUK legal database can help.

WestlawUK provides access to up-to-date legislation (fully consolidated legislation that dates back to 1220 for Acts and 1948 for Statutory Instruments), cases (over 300,000 full-text case reports and transcripts), case law, expert analysis, current awareness and news.

Not only can you view all Acts and Statutory Instruments in full text, find out in which sections remain in force or have been repealed, with the click of a mouse you can find all cases relating to a particular section or schedule.  You can also get full transcripts of cases and can email, save, or print all search results and documents. WestlawUK also includes EU legislation, preparatory and in force, including EU cases.

While no legal expert, I was interested to discover that the Riot (Damages) Act of 1886 is still in force. However, a quick keyword search indicates that unless claiming for damages, it seems prosecutions more likely to take place under the Public Order Act of 1986, or under a variety of Criminal Justice Acts as the very useful ‘Case Analysis’ facility makes clear.

The wide range of Current awareness sources (100 full-text journals from publishers including Sweet & Maxwell, Bloomsbury Professional and Oxford University Press) will keep you abreast of the latest legal developments from, among others, Law Society Gazette, New Law Journal, Punishment & Society and even Property Week. A bonus News section provides a full spectrum of opinion and comment from such varied titles as the Daily Mail, the Grocer and Economist.

What more could you want?

Ah yes – books… Fully searchable & browseable key legal textbooks including Archbold Criminal Pleading Evidence & Practice, Chitty on Contracts, Civil Procedure (White Book), McGregor on Damages, Palmer’s Company Law, Woodfall’s Landlord and Tenant and more.

WestlawUK is just one of Westminster Libraries very special In House Specials and available at Westminster Reference Library and Marylebone Information Service , visit either of these libraries to begin exploring WestlawUK for yourself.



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