Business focus: Theresa Kahn and Kevin O’Doherty

Kevin O'Doherty of Calibre GoldTheresa Khan of Calibre GoldTheresa Khan and Kevin O’Doherty are the co- founders of Calibre Gold  (a motivational consultancy).
They recently visited Pimlico Library to run a seminar on motivational maps.
Before the presentation we had a quick chat with them regarding their approach to starting and running a business:

What’s your professional background?
Between us we are both therapists, teachers, training consultants and authors.  Theresa is a Motivational Maps Practitioner and Coach.  Kevin is also a Health Psychologist.

What made you decide to start a business?
We felt we had the skills, experience and knowledge to venture out on our own, leaving out the middle man.  This will allow us to provide a holistic and customer-focussed service.

What is your business model?
As we are both ex-managers who managed projects, we didn’t really follow a model as we are allowing it to evolve and grow naturally.  That is not to say that we don’t have a structure, but we allow the business to be fluid and flexible.

Before you started your business did you have a business plan?
Yes, we had a business plan, but we knew what we wanted to do so it flowed easily and naturally.  We also knew that it wasn’t written in stone – this allowed for changes to be made as and when needed.

Where did you get the capital to start? Was it easy to get funding?
We had no starting capital – however, as Calibre Gold is a newly formed company, we are still looking into possible avenues of funding.

How long have you been in business and what are the key challenges you have faced?
About 12 months. We believe the key challenges have been marketing and promoting our services.  However, it has also been a learning experience too because there are many changes to how things are done.

What’s the most important part about running a business?
Customer satisfaction is central to what we do, and the provision of an aftercare service.

What’s your approach to cash flow?
Open arms and a smile!

What advice would you give someone thinking of starting his or her own business?
Know what you want to do and go for it 100%.



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