So long, and thanks for all the reads

St James's Library in Victoria Street - now closed.St James’s Library, Westminster’s most recently established library in Victoria Street, has now closed its doors for good.

We would like to extend our best wishes to the many warm and enthusiastic St James’s customers and hope that they will continue to use the library service through the other nearby libraries: both Pimlico and Victoria libraries are within a mile of the St James’s site. As before, items currently on loan from St James’s can be returned to any of Westminster’s other libraries.

A message from the staff of St James’s Library (soon to be staff at a range of other Westminster libraries):

“Many thanks to St James’s Library’s many loyal customers who came in yesterday with freshly baked cakes, snacks, bottles, chocolates and cards, bearing heart-warming thoughts about the pleasure they’ve found in using the library these past 14 years. To our lovely customers: See you soon at our new branches…”

Some of the words which cropped up more than once in their messages include: ‘outstanding’, ‘friendly’, ‘helpful’, ‘excellent’, ‘valuable’, ‘supportive’, ‘kind’ and ‘fantastic’. 🙂

You can read more about the decision to close the library on the St James’s Library page on the Westminster Libraries & Archives site.

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