e-resource of the week: Grantfinder

Other services will help you to search for a grant, but Grantfinder will help you find it.

About Grantfinder

That’s a big claim, and I’m not being retained as their salesman. But I am impressed by the reach of this database (more than 6,000 UK and EU funding sources, identified and described), and by its sheer helpfulness.

The designers of the “front end” recognise that a person or a group (or a partnership, or a company…) who are looking for funding can feel vulnerable. He/she/they have an idea for a business or a charitable project or a personal self-improvement project. Is there any financial help available, or will the idea whither on the vine?

Grantfinder gets you to list your ducks, then it helps you get them in a row, then it helps them to swim (aargh! metaphor hell… I’m getting carried away). A simple system of tabs allows you to ask yourself essential questions and record your answers. Where? Who? Why? How much?

Then Grantfinder gets to work, telling you what’s available, whether you qualify, and what you need to do next. Grantfinder is one of our ‘In House Specials’, and is available at the four Westminster libraries with Business Information Points: Church Street, Pimlico, Paddington, and Westminster Reference Library.




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