ESOL end of year party

End of year party for the English learners at St John's Wood LibraryAn English class, run by Westminster Adult Education Service (WAES), started in September 2010 at St John’s Wood Library. It was aimed at Upper Intermediate English learners. The group had 12 regular attendees who met every Friday evening in the library. The learners were engaged in the Six Book Challenge through the library. This Challenge is a national initiative that invites less confident readers to read six books and record their experience in a diary.

All the learners did really well on their course and had so much fun learning new things. Their English language skills and confidence have greatly improved and their enthusiasm for reading has grown.

At the end of year party on 18 July, the students prepared presentations for library staff where each student talked about a situation that happened in the class that made them laugh. Everybody had a great time and the learners exchanged contact details so they can stay in touch after the course has finished.

The new English class will start on 23 September, 6.00-8.00pm. If you wish to enrol please come to the initial assessment session on Friday 16 September 2011 at St John’s Wood Library. The course is free (subject to meeting WAES funding criteria). To find out about other learning opportunities in Westminster Libraries, visit our Learning in Libraries page.



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