MyVoiceUK Roadshow – huge success!

The MyVoice Roadshow took place last Wednesday with a full day of workshops for young people, all chosen by our young coordinators.  More than a hundred young people attended and the activities included writing their own lyrics, creating their own comic books, writing and performing a short play, expressing lyrics through street dance, meeting the rapper and author Lyndon Haynes, and creating 3 huge street art murals:

Set up in a prime position in front of the library steps, ‘Big Daddy’ Kilo, a spray paint artist from the Cambridge based Hip Hop arts group Sin Cru, attracted quite a bit of attention. Throughout the day, Kilo could be found amongst a variety of paint cans and spray masks, giving tips and pointers to his budding graffiti apprentices.

The coordinators, who have been working on the festival for 3 months, captured the day on camera and video, and also recorded interviews with the artists which they then posted online.  Audio clips can be found on audioboo:

'Big Daddy' Kilo at Church Street Library for MyVoice UK

In all, a great day. If you were there, we’d love to hear what you did and what you thought – add a comment!
Look out for more events listed on our website (or follow us on Twitter), and come and check out the results of the artwork at Church Street Library.

[Alison and Shaun]


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