e-resource of the week: Experian

Find out more about ExperianOne of our best-loved business resources, Experian B2B Researcher is an online UK company database listing thousands of businesses & company contacts. It’s ideal for finding business contacts, UK company information and for creating mailing lists, and is available to use at all our Business Information Points across the City.

As well as providing detailed UK company information (including contact details, financials, ownership data etc), business searches can be made using a wide range of criteria i.e. by location (town, city, local authority, ward and postcode), industry or activity, turnover, no of employees etc.

Experian is especially useful in that it includes both larger, registered companies and unregistered companies i.e. SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises) and sole traders. Industry searches can be made not only by using the SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes, but also using Thomson and Yellow Pages codes, which include activity descriptions which people are often more familiar with i.e. fashion, leisure, football, aromatherapy etc. This allows searchers to find company listings for businesses in niche sectors i.e. Dog walking, Party Planners & Organisers Fancy Dress, Designers-TV, Film & Theatre, Theatres & Concert Halls etc.

All search results can be usefully downloaded into an excel spreadsheet and used to create tailored mailing lists.

So whether you are starting a business and need to find out how many businesses already operate in a particular sector and/or where they are located, or are seeking to market your products & services to other businesses, or are looking for work in a particular industry and need to find company listings, check out Experian. This is a database which really has a lot to offer!



One response to “e-resource of the week: Experian

  1. Brilliant, many thanks for that info.


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