e-resource of the week: Issues Online

You don’t have to be lazy to use Issues Online. Let me explain.

Issues OnlineIssues has a long and honourable history as a series of book(lets) on social issues, aimed principally at secondary school students. The range of subjects covered is impressive – from abortion to young people’s health, by way of censorship, homelessness, pornography and many more. The content is concise without any hint of dumbing down; sources are well-chosen and impeccably referenced. The online version is just as impressive – more so, actually, as the links are understandably easier to follow by clicking.

The lazy student could probably get an essay out of Issues just by cutting and pasting, and learn nothing. But the interested student can get so much more – ideas fizz around, launching you into new avenues of enquiry. I say launching you, because that’s the point: whoever you are, full-time student or part time enquiring mind, Issues can get you up to speed on something you read in the paper, saw on the telly, or got talking about in the pub (thinking, “I wish I knew a few more facts about this subject!”).

Biotechnology and cloning - one of the Issues series, also available online.     Media - one of the Issues series, also available online.     Sport and society - one of the Issues series, also available online.

It’s friendly, it’s authoritative, it’s the enemy of the comfy preconception. Highly recommended.



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