A visit from author Wendy Perriam

Find Wendy Perriam books in Westminster LibrariesAuthor (and Pimlico resident) Wendy Perriam entertained a large group of readers (and one or two aspiring writers) at Pimlico Library earlier this month, with an engaging talk about writers and writing in general, and her own writing career in particular.

She talked about the depth of research she undertakes for her books (spending several days in a convent with a strict order of nuns; interviewing ex-offenders; even staying in a brothel), and how writing about serious subjects such as children in care, terminal illness, and religious repression have helped her cope with grief and loss in her own life.

Broken places, by Wendy PerriamWendy’s most recent novel, Broken Places, deals primarily with fear, but with large doses of her characteristic black humour thrown in. Eric, the main protagonist, is a librarian, and Wendy spent much time researching libraries in order to get things right. And where did she do some of her research? At Pimlico Library, of course – and several staff members (both current and ex) are acknowledged by name in the book.



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