MyVoice posterA dedicated group of young people at Church Street Library have spent the last two months creating a youth arts festival from scratch, courtesy of the Reading Agency. Here is a quick rundown of what they have been doing.

Fuelled by unlimited amounts of pizza and cola (!), they have powered their way through the various stages of festival programming. The first few meetings were spent brainstorming ideas, and asking key questions:

  • What is a creative workshop anyway?
  • How can drama be connected to reading?
  • Could the festival include a talent show… or ferret racing?

The group met Becki from DreamArts, who pitched a number of workshop options, and gradually the festival programme began to take shape. Author events were discussed and names were suggested. Where would we put the different events?  What food should be provided?

The list of workshops was narrowed down to a generous handful: drama, lyric writing, dance, graffiti art, comics.  In the final cut, there was no ferret racing, but at the last minute a talent show event was crammed in.

The resulting MyVoice Roadshow is at Church Street Library on Wednesday 27 July, starting at 12.00 noon. Don’t miss it!

The MyVoice project continues after the Roadshow, so there will be more events like this in the 13-19 Zone, all selected and designed by young people. You can find out more on Facebook:



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