e-resource of the week: Garland Encyclopedia of World Music

“Where can I find detailed information on Afro-Peruvian music?”

Online music resources, including the Garland Encyclopaedia of World MusicWorld music has become increasingly popular on many music courses. Until recently, finding detailed information has largely been a matter of trawling through other people’s dissertations, and even then probably having no idea what it looks or sounds like.

The Garland Encyclopaedia of World Music, part of a suite of resources from Alexander Street PressThe Garland Encycopledia of World Music is a comprehensive online resource devoted to music research from all over the world.
Each volume contains an overview of the region, a survey of its musical heritage, traditions and themes; and a description of specific musical genres, practices, and performances.

Along with the articles, there are detailed photographs that show musicians, musical instruments, and descriptions of the cultural context of dances, rituals, and ceremonies, plus thousands of music examples to listen to.

So next time someone asks you what Son de los diablos* is, have a look in Garland. You’ll need a Westminster Libraries membership card to access this resource online from anywhere. It’s easy to join.


*A choreographed musical spectacle performed in the streets of Lima during carnival


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