You’ll be amazed by what you can find!

Alexander Fleming painted pictures with bacteria!Did you know?

Alexander Fleming, discoverer of penicillin, painted pictures using different coloured bacteria.

Did you know?

Soho was once a hunting cry, first recorded in the fifteenth century: “Sohoe, ye hare ys founde!”

Did you know?

In 1761, from his lodgings in Craven Street WC2, Benjamin Franklin invented a musical instrument named the Glass Armonica.

Roll of Parliamentary parchment...Did you know?

The longest Act of Parliament held in the Parliamentary Archives is the Land Tax Act of 1821. Made of 757 membranes of parchment, it is estimated to be nearly a quarter of a mile long when unrolled.

Did you know?

Toothpaste used to be made out of charcoal and brick dust and came in interesting flavours such as rose, carnation and tomato.

Egyptian artificial eyesDid you know?

The first artificial eyes were made for the dead rather than the living, so that the owner could see in the next life.

You can find out more at some very special museums,  archives and collections in Westminster.  There are dozens to choose from, with  something for everyone, and many are free to visit. Download more information here, or visit the Museums, Archives and Collections page.



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