Local Faces Exhibition

Working on an image at Burdett-Coutts Primary SchoolThe 2012 Olympics has dominated the news over the past couple of weeks, as the results of the ticket lottery have been revealed. We’ve witnessed the delight of ticket-holders and the dismay of those people who lost out. But there are plenty of ways to celebrate our sporting and Olympian heritage, even if you can’t get to the Games themselves.

T-shirt by St Clement Danes Year 6Westminster schoolchildren have been exploring what the Olympics means to Londoners through our exciting People’s Record – Westminster project. Over the past year, they have been working with our Archives Conservator to produce artwork that expresses their feelings about London 2012. Their colourful creations wil be on display at free exhibition called Local Faces. The exhibition will be on show at SW1 Gallery from 30 June – 9 July 2011.

Working on an image at St Barnabas Primary School

Local Faces brings together children’s anticipation of the London Games with memories of local people who remember the Olympics of 1948. If you’d like a taster, we’ve popped some of these fascinating interviews online in Olympic Memories. Also on display will be a series of great sporting photographs taken by local people with learning disabilities.

The People’s Record Project – Westminster has been awarded the “Inspire Mark” from the London Olympic Committee as an exceptional education and community project.. We hope that the Local Faces exhibition will inspire even more people to explore London’s sporting history.



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