An Enchanted Forest in Queen’s Park

The new children's area at Queen's Park LibraryQueens Park Library re-opened today with the introduction of its new ‘Enchanted Forest’-themed children’s library. It truly is a magical space with wonderfully constructed, bejewelled trees and a floor that has a whole tree as part of it.

There’s a massive plasma screen television on which we can play games, advertise events and display the artwork of our local users together with a smaller touch screen television where our younger customers can draw and play games.

It even has chairs that turn into rocking horses. Magic!

The queue of customers at the door when we opened this morning reacted with a very satisfying level of enchantment upon seeing this lovely new space.

The light and airy jewelled trees reflect the trees outside the window at Queen's Park LibraryThere were lots of children of all ages in the library today, all with big smiles on their faces. Some gave a big ‘thumbs up’ as I passed! Many took part in a special Under Fives session – with bubbles, songs and books – to celebrate National Families Week.

[Tommy and Kate]


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