West End at War – the musical

West End at War singalong and reminiscence event at Westminster Music Library
Last week, 40 children and adults came along to a special event at Westminster Music Library: members of Westminster’s Open Age, The Reminiscence Group, and children from St Barnabas School took a nostalgic look back on WWII London.

On the agenda were a ‘Songs of the Blitz’ sing-along, plus war time memories about rationing, war time food, and popular music of the 1940s, including:

Run rabbit run!

“We ate really well during the war; my mother kept rabbits in our back garden…We always had a good supply of rabbit stew…”
“Can you buy it in Tesco?”
“No love, they wouldn’t know how to skin a rabbit in Tesco…”

Sunny Side of the Street

“If I was good I’d get sixpence pocket money from my Mother. That was an awful lot then.”
“How much would it be now?”
“Wouldn’t be enough for a trip to the lav…”

and White Cliffs of Dover

“We were all sweet on Vera Lynn when we were lads; she had such a lovely a voice too”
“Was she pretty?”
“Pretty? She was b****y gorgeous!”



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