Lessons for grown-ups

Did he really say that?

“I’ve been a keen ballroom dancer for many years but have only recently taken up formal classes in the evening. Treading the light fantastic is a wonderful social activity, as well as an enjoyable way of keeping fit.”

It’s Adult Learners’ Week 2011 and we’ve been running a plethora of events in Westminster Libraries – take a look at the list.

There have been taster sessions on a wide range of subjects, from photography to bee-friendly gardening, Reiki to a good selection of Internet-related topics (especially for those of us who went to school before computers became widespread. There was rumoured to be a single computer  in the sixth-form block at my school, but no one ever saw it!).

And there’s more to come:

The local (Westminster Adult Education Service) and national (Open University) experts in lessons for grown-ups have also been taking part, with advice sessions and open days.

Friday is also the 10th Anniversary of Silver Surfers’ Day, so you can get up to speed with iPlayer, Skype, Facebook and Ebay. And the whole 24/7 Library Gala Day at Marylebone Information Service is devoted to showing you all the online goodies you can get from Westminster Libraries & Archives, just by having a library membership card.

Did he really say this?

“Having not done very well at school (every class was a riot), I decided to retake my exams in my early twenties at night school, more for self-esteem than anything, and discovered to my great surprise that for the first time I was actually enjoying the learning process.”

Wondering about the portraits?
St James’s Library
is running a competition all week to win one of three great DVD subscriptions.
All you have to do is go into the library and laugh at match the staff portrait to the learning experience (closing date 12.30pm on Saturday 21 May).
These are just two examples – and no, they don’t necessarily match!

So if you’ve been thinking about getting involved in learning, formally or informally, libraries are a great place to start – especially this week.


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  1. Have just realised that this is our 200th post – yay!


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