Mail Art for the masses

Mail Art workshop at Pimlico LibraryThe recent Little Big Stories mail art exhibition at Pimlico Library received a large number of contributions. A major reason for this turn out was tireless promotion by mail artists Andy and Elena Hoang (My Real Wall and Mailart 365).

So it was only fitting that they came down to Pimlico and showed us how to make some mail art. Together they ran a workshop which showed total beginners how to make art they could send through the post. The rookie mail artists who turned up had a good time and were collectively surprised by how easy it was to get into. All the students made a piece of mail art by the end of the workshop.

Mail Art workshop at Pimlico Library[Francis]


3 thoughts on “Mail Art for the masses

  1. Thanks for hosting this event, it was really good fun for all who attended. Mailart is still a vibrant artform despite the rise of digital communications and real-time messaging systems and it was really cool to be able to make and send some pieces with people who had never encountered it before.

    For anyone interested in making their mailboxes more interesting, I wrote a blog post about making and sending post to strangers that may be of interest. It’s not necessary to be a great drawer or painter to send, but it’s such a rush to receive art in the post in return.

    Everyone should give it a go!


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