Your one stop shop for WCCLibraries online

Have you used one of our library PCs recently? We’ve got a new start page. Let me show you around.

Westminster Libraries & Archives start page - click to enlarge

Westminster Libraries & Archives start page – click to enlarge

The idea is to bring to the fore the key links that our users need from the libraries – the sites that we know are most used on library PCs, the most heavily-used ‘tasks’ on our website, and the very valuable online resources we subscribe to on your behalf – all in one place! In addition there’s a live feed from Twitter, so you can find out about forthcoming events and any news items, links to all our social media and a BBC news feed.

Online resourcesYou’ll find links into our website ‘proper’, and into the Westminster Council website too. Then quick links taking you directly to tasks such as ‘Renew books’, ‘Search the catalogue’ and ‘Book a PC’. So far, so home page. But the real gems are on the right – subject categories that give you links to free stuff (via our Gateway), direct links into our Exclusive resources (the ones David and Google-man referred to in the previous post) and information about the fantastic range of ‘In’House Specials’ we hold – online databases that we can’t offer remote access to, but which to the researcher can be like gold-dust – now you can find out where they are.

Each subject category expands to show off its wares (see right for the Law & official publications section) , and then contracts again when you choose another subject.

I must admit, there’s also something in it for us – if you use the Google search box at the top, we get a little bit of income. But we hope you’ll find the page useful in itself. If you do, then you can use it beyond the library walls – indeed, you can use it from anywhere (hence the address: And let us know what you think.


4 responses to “Your one stop shop for WCCLibraries online

  1. That’s a much better layout. About time too, the old layout was starting to look very dated and dusty.


    • The start page is actually a new page, primarily set up for use on library PCs (but anyone can choose to use it from anywhere), it’s not a replacement for anything, just an alternative, ‘one stop’ way in to our services. Glad you like it!


  2. Will this be replacing ebrary outside of the library in future?


    • No, this will not be replacing e-library. However, there will be a new look e-library (which we know is looking *very* dated!) quite soon – with a similar look to this start page and a lot more features. Quite a lot of technical issues to sort out first, but it will happen.


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