Little Big Stories at Pimlico Library

Pimlico Library is currently hosting a mail art show with a difference.

A piece in the 'Little Big Stories' mail art exhibition at Pimlico Library.Mail art? C’est quoi?
Basically, mail art is art you can send through the post (see a good summary of mail art on Oxford Art Online – gain access from anywhere with your Westminster Libraries membership card number). The art form began in the 1960s as a way to counter commercialism in art. The aim was to simultaneously make art more inclusive and bypass the traditional gallery system. In 1970 the first ever mail art show (which was organised by Ray Johnson) was held in New York City.

As part of the Westminster Libraries Graphic Novel Season, Pimlico Library’s show merges the concept of mail art with the graphic narrative medium.
The result is Little Big Stories. Voila!

To host a mail art show the etiquette of the movement suggest that one makes a mail art call (which is basically an invitation for mail art to be sent in to a venue). In late February Pimlico Library issued a graphic narrative call on this blog. The response was tremendous with over 150 pieces being sent in from all over the world.

Work from 'Little Big Stories' on display in Pimlico Library

The mail art received is now being displayed all around Pimlico Library with impressive effect. Just as with graphic novels, the pieces cover a wide range of subjects and themes. Come in and check them out.

In relation to this, Pimlico library will be hosting a mail art workshop on 27 April 2011.

'Little Big Stories' mail art exhibition at Pimlico LibraryLittle Big Stories will be on show until 4 May 2011.

We’d like to say an enormous special thank you to everyone who contributed to the show. Your work is truly amazing.



6 responses to “Little Big Stories at Pimlico Library

  1. The pics look great! I’ll be dropping in to see it for real later this week, I can’t wait


  2. How lovely to hear about the exhibit and to see how you’ve displayed some of the work. I hope that lots of people become interested in participating. My regret is that I had to leave London before this exhibit went up. Congratulations on an exciting Library/Mail Art coordination.


  3. What an excellent display – I dropped by the library yesterday and saw the pieces for the first time, and they look great!

    The librarians have done an excellent job of presenting the pieces and the black backing was really worth the weekend’s labour by Francis and Nisha – they really deserve a mention as they made the show look really professional.

    The show worked really well – it was such a rush to see people actually stopping to read the stories on their way around the library and the art really brightens up the otherwise sterile white walls.

    A great success!

    I took a few pics yesterday for anyone interested – Check them out on my flickr site at and I’ll be blogging these shortly on my REAL wall and will post the link back here as soon as I do


  4. I totally agree with Andy. The mailart show looks wicked.

    Thanks again to everyone who sent their pieces for the show, to Francis and Nisha for displaying it so nice and to everyone else who made this possible.


  5. I’ve now blogged about this at my REAL wall


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