Poetic licence… to kill!

Magnifying glassTo celebrate World Book Night in style, Victoria Library hosted a Murder Mystery evening on Saturday 5 March.

A gathering of 30+ eagle-eyed detectives and 6 suspects spent the evening in the library, starting off with a tour of the hidden parts of the library, which (surprise surprise!) revealed Kelvin Braine’s corpse…

The detectives heard speeches from each of the suspects and saw the evidence that the police had pieced together (including a riddle left by the cheeky killer). They then had a chance to chat with the suspects to see if they could worm out any more details or catch them in a lie.

The World Book Night 2011 Murder Mystery event at Victoria Library

They next submitted their detective sheets with their suspicions made clear. Finally, there was a big reveal where the murderer read a poem that he had specially composed for that very eventuality. One of the successful sleuths walked away with a bottle of wine, some chocolate and of course a copy of the murder weapon.

One Day, by David NichollsAll of the attendees also received a free copy of the book One Day by David Nicholls (one of the 25 World Book Night books). Everyone had a great time, including the murderer, who seemed remarkably chipper despite being led away in chains!



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