World Book Day 2011

World Book Day 2011It’s World Book Day!
A day for celebrating books, and of course that also means celebrating libraries.

So – how can you celebrate books today?

  • Read one!
    You can borrow up to 20 books at a time from Westminster Libraries, so come in and grab some. You could challenge yourself to read something from a section of the library you’ve never used before, or indulge yourself with an old favourite. With 20 books to choose from, you could even do both! The book group reviews, staff recommendations and other book-related posts on this blog might help you to find something new.
  • Try a new library!
    Westminster is a city library service, which means that you’ll never have to travel miles to find one. You may know and love your local library, but it’s worth exploring the others to see what they can offer too – especially if you have a specialist interest – your library card can be used in any or all branches.
  • Join a group!
    We have lots of book groups, meeting on different days and at different times – find one that suits you. Or if you belong to another book group (or want to start one), we can help you by lending out multiple copies of the same title from our Book Group Store.
  • Bring the kids!
    There are storytimes, bounce and rhyme and children’s reading groups in most libraries – take your pick. They’re free to attend, kids love them, and you can take loads of books out at the same time. Your children can join the library at any age (mine were about 5 weeks old!). You can also find reviews of children’s books and loads of information about children’s authors on our Webtastic Books & Reading page.
  • Learn about books and literature!
    As well as the many books and periodicals we have in our libraries (from vast tomes full of literary criticism to daily newspapers with book sections), you can also find an enormous amount online through the 24/7 Library, not only the section of Oxford Reference Online specifically about literature and the very useful Contemporary Authors site, but also access to a vast archive of book reviews within newspapers.
  • Test yourself!
    Try this quiz from the people at the Oxford English Dictionary, created especially for World Book Day.

Well that’s quite enough exclamation marks for one day. I’d just like to give a quick shout out to the Westminster secondary school pupils who will be receiving one of a thousand free copies of The Unforgotten Coat by Frank Cottrell Boyce as part of Our Read – hope you enjoy it.

Happy World Book Day! (OK, just one more).


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