Love books? Become a Book-Giver

Are you feeling replete? Are you full of festive spirit? Is generosity your middle name? Then you might like to become a Book-Giver for World Book Night.

World Book Night 2011

World Book Night is on 5 March 2011 and there’s something very exciting going on. A million books are being given away, 960,000 of them by ‘Book-Givers’ – people who have applied to give away 48 copies of a particular book on that day.

There’s a list of 25 books. You pick which one you’d like to give away, and apply to become a Book-Giver (t&cs) – apply online or get a form from any Westminster library. If you’re successful, you will be sent 48 copies of the book to pick up from your local library or bookshop (we’re very happy to receive your copies in any of our libraries), and then you give them away!

The closing date for entries is 9.00am on 4 January, so hurry [UPDATE 11 January: the deadline has now been extended to 24 January]. If you get to be a Book-Giver, we’d love to hear about which book you chose and what you plan to do with them!


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