Dickens = Christmas

A Christmas Carol, by Charles DickensThe Paddington Library Reading Group met to discuss books with the theme of Christmas ghost stories, and in particular Charles Dickens’ popular tale, A Christmas Carol.

Dickens sets the scene and creates a ghostly feeling almost from the beginning of the book. This chilling atmosphere gives way to a scene on Christmas Eve of plenty and opulence in the high street when he describes shop windows full of a range of fruit, poultry, cake and various goodies which will be consumed by the fortunate, well-heeled members of society. Contrast this with Bob Cratchit who has to rely on his employer’s goodwill to be allowed to take a paid holiday on Christmas Day.

The Haunted House, by Charles Dickens et alThe group also discussed The Haunted House, a collection of short stories fronted and finished by Dickens which contains stories by Dickens’ contemporaries. The stories have a common thread so that it is actually one story written by several writers.

The group’s next meeting is on 21 January.


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