Titillating titles – an escape route from festive fun

Ferrets for dummiesTwo things got me thinking. Firstly, I was asked to pick a favourite Christmas book, always a depressing request. Traditional, slightly alternative or downright subversive – how should I approach it?

Secondly, I browsed some travel books. Why is it unacceptable for anyone to write about their walks, climbs or other peregrinations without having a whacky title? You know the sort of thing: An Aardvark Ate My Picnic, Freezing My Bullocks in Bavaria, Camping with Koalas in Korea (my apologies if any of them turn out to be genuine). And it doesn’t just apply to travel writing; all categories of fiction and non-fiction titles are equally likely to contain thuddingly unfunny quips.

Another day in the frontal lobe, by Katrina FirlikSo I set myself the task of compiling a list of books to read while ignoring Christmas, chosen entirely for their genuinely intriguing titles. I searched the Westminster Libraries catalogue for titles which were weird, off-the-wall or so dull as to be fascinating, without being deliberately unusual. I can’t borrow all of them – there are some reference books here –  so I will have to make some visits just after Christmas, which will be a good escape from excessive jolliness. Here is my alternative holiday reading list:

If you choose to join me, you’re in for an eclectic experience. If not, I hope you survive Christmas with the aid of your own choice of reading.



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