From our own correspondent

Last week, the Paddington Library Reading Group investigated the weighty subject of books by, and biographies of, news correspondents.

Diaries, by George OrwellWe looked at a new edition of the diaries of George Orwell which spans the momentous years before, during and after World War Two. Orwell split his diaries into current events and personal. For example, we read that ‘we are at war with Germany from 11 am’ in the entry for 3rd September 1939, and then in the entry of 9th September 1939 Orwell plants some peas in his allotment (the following day he plants 2 rows of King Edwards potatoes!).

News from No Man's Land, by John SimpsonAmong contemporary writers we examined a collection of hard hitting essays by Clive James and three titles by the veteran BBC correspondent John Simpson, who writes in an impartial, reflective way about every world conflict in the last 15 or more years.

After all this discussion of war and conflict, the group will, at the October meeting, look at books which unwind and boost your mind.



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