Bring your own popcorn!

Regal CinemaI don’t just write this stuff – I do proper research. So I went to my local library (Marylebone) and gave the films on DVD a real going-over. Well! What a blockbuster of an experience!

Let’s work backwards. There was a generous spread of New Releases – films I’d actually read reviews of, not just straight-to-DVD stuff from Hollywood’s garbage chute. And the prices are, to say the least, keen – bottom dollar for top-dollar content, with a further 20% off for ResCard holders. Let’s move on.

When they stop being new releases, if they’re good enough, they move to the Feature Films shelves so that those of us who keep meaning to get round to watching that well-fancied film have every chance.

Now what is, for me, the pièce de resistance, the non plus ultra, the… sorry, run out of languages there… is this:  they have a fantastic range of arthouse films, many in foreign languages (which always test my ability to find the sub-titles button on my remote). And the collected editions of TV programmes which are advertised tantalisingly, but expensively, as the series come to an end – they’ve got those at knock-down prices. And how-to films on driving and yoga, and documentaries, and cartoons for kids (and cartoons for adults, too). These are really good value.

Foreign language courses are laughably cheap. And when I tell you that English language courses are free, you will realise that there is nowhere else to go. I couldn’t find any DVDs they pay you to watch – sorry. Pay a visit to your local library, but leave some time. It’s a browsing experience.



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