Da gen is in da house

[I have nothing to do with the title – David’s getting carried away with saving you money again – Ed]

Visit our In House Specials pageRemember I told you about the 24/7 stuff – which you can get anywhere in the World as long as your dongle is dongling or you can get any sort of Internet access? But working here in a library, we’d like to see you from time to time, so allow me to flourish before you our In House Specials.

Posh name, eh? All it means is that we have some information sources which we pay for, so that you can use them completely free – but only in a library. Sometimes it’s too expensive to make them available outside the library, sometimes the providers just won’t play ball. Either way, they are worth a trip. Here are a few examples:

Ancestry and Find My Past – the terrific twins for family tree researchers. Births, marriages, deaths, censuses… if your relatives are listed, these two will help you find them. Get them in any Westminster library.

Which? Extra – the same reviews of products and services you can read in Which? Magazine, and lots more. Full details of product tests, Best Buy lists, before-you-buy advice. They’re on your side! (Available in some Westminster libraries – get more details.)

Experian – this is not one for the casual user, but if you are starting or running a small business, you need to know who to buy your supplies from, and who to sell your wares to. Experian does all this and more. Get the right people on your mailing list! (Experian is available at Westminster Reference Library).

London Review of Books – these are not just book reviews, these are well-written, entertaining, provocative book reviews by great writers about great (and not-so-great) writers. A pleasure to read, and available at Marylebone Information Service.

As I said, these are just some plums. On my count, we have over 30 of these sources, some for everyone and some for a very tiny number of enthusiasts. Subscribing to them as an individual would cost you dear. Check them all out on our complete list. Hope to see you soon!


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