Passport to Pimlico

Pimlico Library build (June 2010)The new Pimlico Library is well on track to open in September. The building works (shelving, flooring, lighting) are all in place and the library staff are due to go on site from the 24 August to set up.

Pimlico Library build (June 2010)A taste of what is to come:

  • The number of public access computers will increase from the current 4 to over 50.
  • There will be 903m of shelving – an incease of more than 50%. It will be filled from the existing stock of both Pimlico Library and Pimlico Academy, with thousands of pounds’ worth of new books too.
  • A Café will open in the Westminster Adult Education Service reception area.

Pimlico Library build (June 2010)The new building is looking fantastic (it’s moved on a bit from the pictures here – more up-to-date ones will follow) and will be the second successful reopening of a Westminster library in the space of a month.

Please note that the existing site on Rampayne Street will be closed from the 29 August onwards, with the new library opening at 10am on 8 September.



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