Everyone huddle together – and save money

Man reading a bookDavid’s being frugal again:

Last time, I had some wizard wheezes for saving money as a library member. But you needn’t be lonely as a library moneysaver.

Westminster Libraries have several book groups (find your nearest one, or the one at the best time for you), and each group needs to have access to multiple copies of the next book to be discussed. Of course, these sets get passed round between groups, but you don’t have to belong to one of our groups to use them – they’re available to any reading group, anywhere in London.

At least one group member has to be a member of Westminster Libraries (just take your gas bill or driving licence or similar proof of address in order to join when you go to collect the books, if you’re not already a member). You can pick them up from any Westminster Library. And if your group has a leisurely approach to reading the books, we’ll match it with an extended loan period.

All absolutely free.

The list is pretty impressive, from Ackroyd to Zusak. Here’s the entire list of what’s currently available.

I had a look for any Jeffrey Archer. There’s just one title – False Impression. He’s a wag, isn’t he?


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