Nathaniel Bryceson lives on…

Rev. Steven Saxby looks at Nathaniel Bryceson's original diary

Rev. Steven Saxby looks at Nathaniel’s diary

If you’ve been following our online serialisation of Nathaniel Bryceson’s diary of 1846, The Life and Loves of a Victorian Clerk*, you’ll probably be as excited as we were about a certain surprise visit to Westminster Archives Centre on Tuesday evening.

The Reverend Steven Saxby, a direct descendant of Nathaniel Bryceson, popped into the Archives Centre to meet the staff who have been working on the project, and to take a closer look at the original diary. We were delighted to meet Steven, and to learn that he also shares Nathaniel’s interest in church history!

Rev. Steven Saxby reads words by his ancestor

Rev. Steven Saxby reads words by his ancestor

Steven has promised to keep us updated with any further information he uncovers on Nathaniel’s family tree. To join in the research effort, check out what fans of Nathaniel Bryceson’s Diary have been investigating on the Rootschat forum.

The diary project will run until 12 December 2010. We are already in negotiations with publishers with a view to producing a book of the diary, so watch this space!


Editor’s note, January 2016:
The diary is being republished throughout 2016 as a blog and weekly podcast. You can also view updates on Twitter and on Westminster City Archives’ Facebook page.


6 responses to “Nathaniel Bryceson lives on…

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  2. David T Haokip

    It is really proud of you Steven for doing this. God bless David


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