Hang about, save cash

[The first in an occasional series on saving money by maxing out your library service from our resident bargain hunter, aka David]

Hang about, save cashHanging around the library can save you money. Our libraries are usually warm and dry, so that’s a saving (not at this time of year, admittedly). But that’s just the start.

First, books. Stop yawning – I don’t mean old, crumbly books covered with dust, I’m talking about new books, the ones that get reviewed in the Sunday papers, win prizes, and get optioned for Hollywood.

The library has got them and they’re free to borrow. OK, cleverclogs, you’ve found a book that won the Gruntfuttock Prize for novels about Luxembourg by writers under six, and it’s not on the shelves. Reserve it. It’ll cost you pence to reserve, and the library will get it… soon… free.

Still not convinced? Well, as they say across the pond, do the math.  Say you read three books a month, at six quid a time on Amazon, that’s – go on, you can do it. £18 a month saved.

Let’s up the ante. Say you read three books a week. Now we’re really talking money. £72 saved in February (February, 28 days, exactly four weeks – geddit?), and even more in every other month. And as you can borrow up to 20 (yes, twenty) books at any one time, if you’re a fast reader you’re clocking up hundreds of pounds in savings.

But aren’t the fines horrendous if you don’t take all these money-saving books back in time? Yes, they are, but only a chump pays fines. If you’ve not finished the book, renew it. Online. And while you’re there you can see what you fancy for your next free read.

Forgetful, are you? Bit of luck you came to the library, then. We have a cunning plan to help you. Emails. You ask for email alerts, and they arrive in the nick of time, so you can renew your books in person, online, or send the butler round (all sorts catered for). Email a bit primitive for you? We’ll do texts instead.

This is just the beginning. We’ve got oodles of ways to save you money if you hang around the library – and just as many ways to save even if you don’t hang around. If you want to make the most of these savings, join now. If we haven’t yet convinced you, stick with it – Part 2 is in a few days.

Many thanks to Serendipity Smalls for her blog on the same idea, and permission to be inspired by it!


5 responses to “Hang about, save cash

  1. Splendid blog post!!!!
    So good to see another public library using the web properly. Rest assured I’ll be adding you to my list of public libraries blogging (http://delicious.com/Public_biblioblogosphere)and using Web 2.0 in general (http://delicious.com/network/publiclibrary2.0). Please oh please let my local library soon catch up with you – renewal notices by text, this is truly a civilised service.


  2. I want to join the library again you make it sound so much fun, and I work here.


  3. Hi friend How are You ? I like your post and i want to stumble it for my friend but i cant see your social bookmark widget in this blog. Please help me admin Thank You Steven


  4. Oops! Have now switched them on. If you can’t see them, click on the title of the post you want to share and they should appear below it.
    Thanks for pointing this out!


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